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November 12, 2020
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Creating a safe and productive workspace

The light at the end of the tunnel is seemingly near. As COVID numbers consistently decrease across the nation, economies are beginning to ramp back up and restrictions are steadily being decreased. With that, comes the end of virtual workspaces for many and the return to the traditional office space. Along with the excitement of finally getting back into the office, comes the need to make adjustments to the work space itself to ensure team members stay safe, healthy and productive. Having a comfortable, functional and safe work space is vital to maintaining a productive work environment and something SCREAMING IMAGES can assist with.


One of our favorite new products to work with has been dubbed the WRITEWRAP. It’s a dry erase material that can be customized and applied to any surface, no matter the size or texture. Walls, desks, tables, classrooms, conference rooms or bedrooms, the WRITEWRAP provides an opportunity to modify any space to make it multi-functional and conducive to working or learning.


Created in the midst of the pandemic to assist companies and organizations with safely re-opening their doors, Screaming Images’ SHARESHIELD™ line are clear plastic barriers that can be personalized and fabricated for any space, including office cubicles, desks and work spaces, while maintaining social distancing in enclosed work settings. Affordable, easily-installed, portable and seamless to the work space, the possibilities of SHARESHIELD in work (and educational) settings are endless. We’ve had the honor of installing a variety of SHARESHIELD™ products in a variety of work settings across the country and have the ability to customize shields for any setting. Whatever is needed to help a work space reopen, Screaming Images is there to make it happen. After all, if team members don’t feel comfortable in their work environment, productivity and the overall quality of work will be impacted.


For those who will continue this era of remote work, Screaming Images has the ability to transform and liven up home work spaces, to produce a positive, productive and professional atmosphere. After all, if you’re going to spend a good amount of your time on Zoom calls, it’s important to portray a sense of professionalism to those joining you on your meetings (even if you’re in pajamas from the waist down). Screaming Images’ textured wall coverings have a similar application as wallpaper, but offer a durable, custom look that can complement any work space. Compared to paint, textured wall coverings can be custom-printed with photography or graphics to create depth, dimension and personality to a room. They’re also fame resistant, offer superior indoor air quality, are easier to maintain, and are less permeable, making them more cost effective over their lifetime. Affordable and easily installed in any space, Screaming Images’ residential wall coverings help make any home office space scream.