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September 8, 2020
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How Signage Keeps Customers Safe

As we all move forward in this new COVID-world, with businesses re-opening their doors and the world getting back to “normal,” ensuring the health and safety of customers and employees has taken on a whole new level of importance. With so many new regulations and policies in place it’s vital to educate the public on how their experiences will change, in order to not only assure daily business operations will continue to run smoothly, but also put minds at ease and build a comfort level with the “new norm.” After all, if customers aren’t comfortable in their surroundings, they won’t shop, gamble, dine out or attend events. In response to COVID-19, Screaming Images quickly formed the Signage & Safety Consultant Division, with the goal of providing businesses creative solutions to assist with daily business operations, while adhering to new social distancing guidelines set in place by the CDC, Gaming Control Board, etc. The new division has connected with businesses around the country to take a proactive approach to the new safety guidelines. These solutions are helping businesses safely re-open their doors. Education is key and the result is a new line of PPE products, which assist companies with making their new safety messages scream.
Top ways businesses are using signage: • Education - ranging from informational banners with health and safety reminders to vinyl window and exterior wraps for important messages and visuals. • Distance - Customizable vinyl floor graphics, such as the distance markers and directional arrows you find throughout grocery stores, can be used to communicate social distancing procedures in areas of high foot traffic. • Protection - A new line of PPE SHARESHIELD products have also been designed for situations where close contact is unavoidable, including barriers for casinos as seen here. These SHARESHIELD products can also be used for office settings, movie theaters, rideshare businesses and other transaction situations. While not how we all expected 2020 to begin, watching communities and businesses adapt to these uncertain times has been inspirational. It’s important, now more than ever, to find effective ways to communicate with employees and customers. With the proper signage, the visibility of new business guidelines and safety messages can be maximized, which allows for a safe and enjoyable experience and a comfortable state of mind.