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Environmental Graphics

You know that at SCREAMING IMAGES we’re all about helping you to bring your brand and vision to life through beautiful graphics. Whether we’re working with you on fleet graphics, banners, building wraps, or any other specific product, you can expect the best. But what about when you need to create an entire cohesive graphic environment? Whether you are in charge of a retail mall, hospital complex, corporate space, college campus, museum, or any other space that’s just a blank canvas, we can help you turn your world into a cohesive, inviting, and intelligent graphic environment.

Environment and Experience

When we talk about environmental graphics, we’re talking about a multi-faceted design approach in which SCREAMING IMAGES incorporates different graphic products to communicate the story of your brand and your vision, to deliver information to the people who need it the most, to create active spaces, and to make the environment easy and efficient to navigate.

But we can also work with you experiential or experience design, which means incorporating many of the elements of an environmental graphic with an eye on the interactions that occur between people and your brand and business. We’re talking about pinpointing the moment of engagement that means everything when you’re trying to bring your vision to the people. Interactions can’t occur without pictures, text, and graphics… and that’s where we step into excel for you.

How We Create Environments that SCREAM

You may be familiar with many of our graphic products, and how those elements can be put to use for your business. From wallscapes to window graphics, from banners to signage, SCREAMING IMAGES has it all. But how can those elements come together into a cohesive environment that makes your business message SCREAM?

Whether you’re trying to tie together buildings on a sprawling campus, make an airport feel like home, or bring the varied shops in a beautiful mall into a completed whole, there are a variety of strategies we can work with.

1. Wayfinding Signage

The most commonly considered element of environmental graphics is wayfinding signage. It might seem simple to deck a hotel out with directional arrows, guide maps, and maps to lead patrons along their way. But creating a cohesive vision of wayfinding graphics takes careful planning, consideration, and execution. Whether you’ve got a great idea of how you want your space to be arrayed with wayfinding signage, or you need help from the very start, SCREAMING IMAGES has the talent and vision to help you out.

2. Information Design

Every space—whether a big corporate facility or a sprawling retail outlet—needs to provide information to its patrons, visitors, or customers. Whether you’re guiding guests through a museum exhibit or helping travelers understand a train station schedule, there can often be complex information that you can’t relay through just simple signage. Using the concepts of information design, SCREAMING IMAGES can help you deliver the critical information your visitors need through signage, panels, pamphlets, video displays, interactive graphic displays, and more. If you’ve got information to get across, you want to do it intelligently and elegantly—and SCREAMING IMAGES can help.

3. Architectural Design

Architectural design doesn’t mean that SCREAMING IMAGES can help design or build your building’s architecture, but it does mean that we can use our skills and talents to help your building’s architecture become part of the greater graphic environment. Whether that means incorporating architecture into graphic components by using wallscapes and window graphics, or whether that means incorporating information design right into the bones of the facility itself, we want to help make your separate vision and physical space come together as one.

4. Retail and Corporate Design

There are many times when you need your brand and your image to stand out. Maybe you have a corporate office that’s just one part of a larger business complex. Maybe you have a retail store that stands with a dozen other shops in an outdoor outlet mall. It’s important that your office, your shop, your campus building, or whatever your space may be stand out among all others. You want people to see and recognize your brand and your identity first, and you want that graphic identity to stand out from all the rest. When you work with SCREAMING IMAGES, you can be assured your identity will grab people’s attention, and it won’t let it go.

Complicated Environments Require Support All The Way

When you tackle the task of creating a graphic environment for your business, you should know that it’s a complicated process. This isn’t the same as designing and installing a single banner at an event or putting up a few new window graphics at your storefront. Designing a complete graphic environment means taking careful consideration to incorporate many different elements and products. SCREAMING IMAGES can be with you for the entire journey.

When you work with us, we’ll be with you from start to finish. We can help you with concept, design, printing, and installation. And SCREAMING IMAGES won’t leave you on your own if problems occur. Our philosophy is to own any problems along the way and make sure we work to make them right. When you work with us, you’ll know that you’ve got help along the way, and someone who will take responsibility for every step of the process.

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If you’re dreaming of creating the perfect graphic environment for your space or your facility, contact SCREAMING IMAGES right away. You’ll become a part of the SCREAMING IMAGES family, and you’ll be treated like the individual customer that you are. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from conception to installation, and make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Don’t make one more decision without talking to some of the professionals at SCREAMING IMAGES.

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