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In today’s environment, hosting live events presents a whole new set of challenges. SI LIVE was created to address today's ever-changing landscape. We strive to bring events back with safety-based solutions that allow clients and consumers to connect. We create in-person engagement that allows for socially-distanced and comfortable interactions.


Create a fun and engaging experience that entices conversation and leaves lasting impressions, all while creating a safe environment that follows all state and city health protocols.


Utilize social and streaming platforms to reach a broader audience, while maximizing resources to expand engagement during panels and allow for live interaction, which creates lasting content that can sustain product knowledge and brand messaging.


Photo opportunities are an effective touchpoint for consumer interaction. They allow your target audience to create memorable impressions of your brand and product that they share through multiple social media platforms.


The demand for live performances hasn’t dwindled and we can bring the experience back to your audience. Using digital delivery and implementing safety protocols will allow us to all celebrate in familiar ways, while adjusting to the new normal.

Here at SI LIVE, we know the importance of creating brand awareness and launching new products. Let us celebrate what your brand represents by helping you create a safe and socially-distanced experience for your consumer. Whether you’re looking for a new audience or re-engaging with your current one, let us tell your story in a tangible space, with an emphasis on content creation, social impressions, and lasting loyalty.

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